I was very happy with the service that Tim provided to me …

I approached Tim Mukherjee, CPA for preparation of my 2015 income tax return after visiting his website. During our first meeting, which was too close to the filing deadline of April 15, we decided that an extension must be filed. This gave me additional time to gather all the documents and for him to prepare the return accurately. We met several times since the first meeting and during those meetings Tim asked me questions about my financial activities during the year. As this was his first time preparing my return he spent time with me seeking answers to questions that would ensure accuracy in return preparation. My return was prepared well before the extended deadline and filed electronically. I had paid a substantial amount of estimated taxes while filing for extension. My final filed return showed I was due for a large refund and that amount was credited to my bank account very quickly by the Internal Revenue Service.

My prior CPA prepared and filed the returns for the two earlier years of 2013 and 2014 which showed that I had overpaid my taxes. Somehow, due to a mistake, copies of tax returns for those two earlier years were mailed twice to the IRS’s service center. The numbers on the ‘copies’ were slightly different from the originally filed returns. IRS wanted clarification as to whether the duplicate returns filed were in fact amended returns. The refund amounts due to me for each of those years were being withheld by IRS on this technical ground. Upon his suggestion, I gave Tim Power of Attorney to represent me to the Internal Revenue Service. He made numerous telephone calls, sent several letters to the appropriate personnel of IRS explaining that mailing the duplicate ‘copies’ of the returns was a mistake and that those were not amended returns for 2013 and 2014.  Tim patiently worked with the personnel of the IRS service center for speedy resolution of the problem involving each of those prior two years and obtained the refund amount that was due to me.

I was very happy with the service that Tim provided to me in resolving the problem with Internal Revenue Service.

Robert Jones

Bob Jones