The #1 way to pay no more in taxes than the law requires: Tax Planning

Far too often, tax law and strategy is explained in legalese.  This makes it hard for individuals and even businesses to find ways to minimise their tax liability and know what changes have been made to the tax code year to year.  When you work with Tim & Associates, you’re placing your trust in good hands.  Not only will we be able to prepare your tax returns each year, we will also serve as your advocate in all tax matters.  This allows you to be confident in your taxes.  In addition to serving as your advocate, we are also able to help you with yearly tax planning.  As laws change, there are different approaches to reduce your tax liability and therefore, reduce the amount you pay in taxes.

There are a handful of common tax-cutting strategies that include one or more of the following approaches:

  • Split income between family members or businesses in order to fall into a lower tax bracket.
  • Shift income from one tax year to another for a lower tax rate.
  • Shift deductions from one tax year to another for a greater tax benefit.
  • Defer tax liability through investments and pension plans.
  • Create tax deduction opportunities for expenses on things you enjoy.
  • Invest money to produce tax exempt income.

Each individual’s or business’s income situation is unique and so are the tax planning needs in order to help reduce the overall tax liability.  Tim & Associates is staffed by experts in their field in order to help you find the best tax services and tax planning solutions for your needs.  As one of Los Angeles’s leading tax representation and accounting firms, we’re able to provide you with solutions for your tax needs.

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