Do you know what could happen to you if you ignore letters from the IRS about the collection of taxes that the IRS argues are owed?  The IRS has the ability to file a lien against you as part of the tax collection process.  This can quickly turn into debt collection phone calls and eventually the seizure and sale of your personal assets.  The IRS can even place levies against your accounts and wage garnishments on your pay checks if a resolution to pay owed taxes isn’t reached.  In addition to potentially losing many of your assets, you also risk destroying your credit rating and harming your future too.

It’s important to act on any notices by mail that you receive from the IRS.  This initial step allows you the time to figure out what you need to do to resolve your tax debt. Correspondence needs to be acted on promptly, as your rights during this period are only good for a specific timeframe.

If you’re receiving letters from the IRS, it’s important to seek out a tax advisor and obtain proper representation.  You have a right to tax representation and the professionals at Tim & Associates are ready to help you.  Whether you are disputing that taxes are due or you simply are unable to pay the taxes you owe, we can help you navigate through the IRS system.  We are able to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service Collection Division and help you to find an amenable resolution.  No matter what tax services and help you need, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with the professionals at Tim & Associates now!